BBC Video Report: Hampshire schools engage sniffer dogs

A drugs detection dog and handler deployed on school premises

Police have warned that drug runners target young or vulnerable people to sell their product and that gangs are moving their trade to the south.

The fact is that more and more schools are engaging sniffer dogs for drug detection as they realise that the impact ranges far beyond dogs sniffing out drugs.

K9 Deployment has been active in schools for a number of years.
We work in conjunction with school principals, trustees, and governors, and indeed the local constabulary to implement planned programmes, being sensitive to how they are introduced and communicated to pupils, staff, and parents.

Getting the no drugs message across through education.

The school pupils are actively engaged in the theatre of the sniffer dog’s olfactory prowess, and by a dog breed that is more associated with that of being a family pet such as a cocker or spring spaniel.

The programme addresses drug detection with sweeps of the school and grounds, drug prevention and it educates pupils about the immediate and ongoing effects and implications of drug use.
Highly visible, it reassures parents, protects pupils and staff alike, and communicates to would be dealers, so called County Lines that a firm zero-tolerance drug policy is in place.

The BBC reports on Hampshire schools using drug detection dogs to safeguard children.

See the BBC Video Report here