Search dogs for hospitals & healthcare environments

The healthcare sector has a duty of care to ensure anyone working at or visiting medical premises is safe – whether that is patients, visitors, staff, or volunteers.

Patients and individuals admitted to hospital and healthcare settings are usually extremely vulnerable. Those in mental health institutions or secure hospitals being treated for addiction are especially at risk, as they may continue to try to obtain tobacco products and illegal substances throughout their stay.

We work across the healthcare sector providing highly trained tobacco and drug search dogs for hospitals, care homes and more across the UK. Implementing preventative measure can be extremely successful in minimising the presence of drugs on and around premises, as well as ensuring everyone is protected from the distressing impact illegal substances can cause.

Nationwide protection for all healthcare establishments

Our search dogs for hospitals are highly trained and can conduct passive drug detection searches, where they remain on lead and do not make direct contact with any individual.

Our dogs are trained to search any environment and can operate off lead, when it is safe to do so, during proactive drug detection searches. A proactive search can cover large areas in a reasonably short amount of time.

Throughout the entire process, our dogs remain under the control of their experienced handlers, who are accredited to the highest industry standards.

Patrols can be conducted in communal areas, accommodation and surrounding areas depending on your requirements. We can also operate openly to act as a high-profile deterrent or more discreetly. We would be happy to work on monthly or quarterly scheduled visits as well as emergency call outs.

We will collaborate with you and discuss your requirements, whether that is for a one-off assignment or a regular contract. We can undertake passive and proactive searches in healthcare environments across the UK, including:

Hospitals (NHS, charity or private)
Children’s homes
Correctional facilities
Drug rehabilitation centres
Pupil referral units
GP surgeries
Secure hospitals
Mental health institutions

Searches to keep everyone safe

We are experienced in conducting searches for illicit substances in healthcare environments and understand that, on occasion, we will need to operate discreetly.

Drugs sniffer dog searches

Our drugs sniffer dogs are highly trained to detect illegal Class A and Class B substances. They can search a wide range of areas, from individual rooms and communal areas to exercise spaces and outdoor grounds.

Tobacco dog searches

Our tobacco detection dogs are trained to detect real, counterfeit and contraband products that are not permitted in certain healthcare environments. This can include a large quantity of tobacco or a single cigarette.

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