Sniffer & patrol dogs for all maritime settings

Thousands of people, haulage vehicles, cars and shipping containers are moved through ports and ferry terminals every day. Our patrol, sniffer and tobacco detection dogs provide a vital service protecting property, deterring criminal activity, and detecting illegal substances and contraband.

All handlers have undertaken extensive training. They are certified by the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) and also hold a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Door Supervisor licence.

Our teams have extensive experience of providing preventative security practices and drug searches at maritime settings across the UK, as well as on ferries, cruise liners and container ships. We can be there whenever you need us and guarantee a professional service.

Preventative solutions
for every location

Our search and patrol dogs are used for:

  • Vehicle searches
  • Passenger screening
  • Vehicle parking and queueing areas
  • Check-point operations
  • Transient cargo: lorries and containers
  • Cargo sheds
  • Interior and exterior building sweeps
  • Co-ordinated vessel sweeps
  • Roll-on/roll-off ferrry terminals
  • Mass area sweeps

Highly trained sniffer, patrol & tobacco detection dogs

During every assignment, our sniffer, patrol, and tobacco detection dogs remain fully under the control of our experienced handlers.

Drugs sniffer dogs

Our highly trained sniffer dogs can perform two types of drug detection searches. A proactive search is ideal for entry point drug searches at ports, and a dog can work off the lead when it is safe to do so. During a passive search, our dogs will be on the lead at all times performing searches for illegal substances when people are queueing at ferry terminals, are on cruise liners, or working on container ships.

Tobacco detection dogs

Illegal or counterfeit tobacco does not comply with UK safety standards, potentially causing extreme health risks to those it is sold to. Utilising tobacco detection dogs in maritime settings assists in the fight against the illegal tobacco trade. Our tobacco detection dogs are intensively trained to identify real and fake tobacco, meaning they can search ships and containers that arrive at a port and locate counterfeit items before they are transferred to sellers.

Patrol dogs

Utilising a canine patrol at ferry terminals, shipping docks, and other maritime settings ensures you are taking preventative measures against security threats, and protecting port facilities and ships, as well as staff, passengers, and crews. Our dogs and handlers act as a highly visible deterrent, minimising the chances of criminal activity taking place. All our dogs have been intensively trained to not feel threatened during potentially dangerous situations.

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