Security dog patrols

Whether you have a business with expensive equipment, a warehouse full of products, or you are organising a large-scale public gathering, security dogs can provide an essential service.

Protection dogs are visible, effective and, as they act as a deterrent, are a highly successful option for security management. When a business utilises our canine patrol service, the chances of it becoming a victim of criminal activity decreases.

Hiring our protection dogs and their handlers shows you are taking preventative action and demonstrates that you take the safety of your visitors seriously. 

We have dog and handler teams available to provide patrol services across the country. They are highly experienced, having gone through, and regularly receive, rigorous training, and are accredited to the highest industry standards guaranteeing you will receive a professional service.

Highly trained security dogs for any situation

The intensive training our protection dogs receive teaches them to feel unthreatened when confronted with a potentially dangerous situation. They will remain on patrol with their handlers and stand up to anyone who should not be in a location, or is displaying threatening behaviour. This makes our canine patrol service suitable for all types of situations.

Crowd Control

All our dogs are accustomed to crowds, so during large-scale events, such as festivals or public gatherings, canine patrols can provide visitors with instant peace of mind that they are safe and that disturbances will be swiftly identified and handled.

Eviction Work

Our handlers and their dogs will help to peacefully evict unauthorised people from a piece of land or property, helping to reduce the threat of hostile clashes.

Guard Dog Security

Providing dog patrol security acts as an excellent deterrent to criminal activity, such as theft or property damage. Due to their heightened senses, protection dogs have the ability to detect the presence of intruders quickly and before a human.

Visual Deterrent

Patrol Dogs provide a clear and strong visual deterrent to ‘would-be intruders’ that a security guard alone might not do. Just the sound of a patrol dog can bring a trespasser to an immediate stop, unsure in what ways the dog is trained to protect the property. Knowing that patrol dogs are on the premises results in businesses being far less likely to be targeted.

FAQs: Patrol dogs

Are security dogs always accompanied by a handler?

Yes. All our dogs are trained to work alongside a handler. 

How long will a canine patrol last?

That is something we will discuss with you, as we provide a solution that is tailored to your business needs. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

If I hire security dogs for an event, will they scare people?

It is highly unlikely. Our security dog teams are extremely professional, and the dogs remain calm and unthreatening, unless called into action. Generally, a canine patrol will provide assurances to attendees that the event is safe.

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Our Accreditations

NASDU Certified​

We are proud to be an associate company member of the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU).

NASDU promotes high standards, excellent training and ongoing education in the private security dog sector. We abide by the guidance & recommendations contained within British Standard 8517-1 for General Purpose Dogs & BS8517-2 for Detection Dogs. All our handlers are NASDU certified.

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British Standard 7858

This British Standard sets the standard for screening security personnel working in an environment where safety of people, goods or property is essential.

It includes data security, sensitive and service contracts and confidential records.

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SIA Licensed

Our dog handlers hold Security Industry Authority (SIA) licences.

The SIA is a statutory organisation that is responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK.

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DBS Checked

All our handlers have undergone a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, which searches for criminal records and activity.

As we regularly provide services to the education and healthcare sectors, the enhanced check shows that our handlers are suitable to work with children and vulnerable adults.

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