K9 Director invited to speak at Autumn Education Conference

Broadening awareness of substance misuse

Neil Van der Wee, Director at K9 Deployment, was invited to speak at the Autumn Education Conference in Guildford.

The event aimed at SLT, Governors, and all staff involved in discipline, pastoral issues and SEN headlined with:
County Lines – a risk to children of all ages and backgrounds, SEN and TPS.

A look at substance misuse in our schools and communities – the concerns and some practical solutions

The conference organised by Barlow Robbins Solicitors welcomed Barry Evans, Drug Education speaker at Drug Education UK, an independent and versatile drug presentation team supporting schools in broadening awareness of substance misuse issues across all key stages.

Barry works with schools worldwide and focused on: the challenges emerging in schools and communities, what works in drug education, myth busting facts to challenge our attitudes, and understanding effects, signs and symptoms resulting from the misuse of illegal and prescription drugs.

As a provider of a deterrent and drug detection service to schools around the country, Neil explained the work of the drugs sniffer dogs in schools and the positive impact and perception of using dogs in schools for this purpose.

Neil was accompanied by one of K9’s dogs who provided a practical demonstration of their skills!

Paul Derbyshire, Chartered Financial Planner with Succession Independent Schools, shared his insights from months of meetings in schools with governing bodies and individual teachers regarding their understanding and perception of the TPS and alternative pension provision including individual opt-outs and retaining membership of the TPS.

The Barlow Robbins team of expert lawyers explored key legal aspects surrounding these topics.

Pete Goodyer, Headmaster of Bede’s, also joined the guest panel which generated a lively discussion to address the key issues.