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K9 Deployment specialise in the provision of expert, highly trained explosives detection sniffer dogs and handlers. 



One of the basic human needs is to feel safe.

At K9 Deployment our objective is to meet that need with our expert, highly trained Explosives Detection Dog (EDD) teams.

With the underlying threat of terrorism in many public places for instance transport terminals, airports, seaports, ferry terminals, public arenas, sensitive government buildings, mailroom and cargo areas and vehicles, K9 Deployment’s EDD teams are readily available to ensure such venues are secure.

Explosive Detection Dogs EDD teams are now an accepted presence at many large public events and offer the ability to detect minute traces of vapour from concealed explosives.



There are three possible types of signatures an explosives detection dog can scent:

  • The explosive itself
  • A contaminant or minor constituent of the explosive common to most batches of that type
  • A decomposition product of that explosive



K9 Deployment Explosive Detection Dog Handlers are qualified and licensed, many of whom are formerly service personnel of the Military or Police.

Our explosives detection dog teams are rrained and accredited by National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) or HABC level 4 – NASDU

It is a prerequisite that each member of our team undergoes regular refresher and re-licensing training, operating in line with the current British Standards.




K9 Deployment services are bespoke, tailored to our clients’ particular requirements, offering long and short-term contracts. We can operate as a standalone solution or in collaboration with and support to, existing security services.

Our teams, handlers, and dogs can act as a high-profile deterrent, providing reassurances to staff, customers and the general public, or, passively scanning visitors and/or inconspicuous areas.

We offer our services to any industry where you feel there is the potential of a threat. Some examples are:

• Sporting venues and public arenas
• Transport terminals
• Sensitive Government buildings
• Corporate workplaces
• Hotels

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K9 Deployment sniffer dogs and handlers are trained and accredited to ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) standards at a Regional Police Dog Training Centre or trained and accredited by NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users).

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