Specialists in the Deployment of Drugs and Explosives Search Dogs

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K9 Deployment specialise in providing highly trained drugs sniffer dogs and handlers


Hospitality Events

K9 Deployment specialise in providing highly trained dogs in three core areas.
We provide drug sniffer dogs and handlers to minimise the risk of staff and guests bringing recreational drugs on to the premises with all the unfortunate side effects that come with them.

We provide sniffer dog teams for the detection of explosives and contaminants or minor constituents of explosives and we provide patrol dogs and handlers for protecting property, people and public events.



We work with holiday resorts, theme parks, and large conference hotels passively screening individuals on entry or proactively searching defined areas including staff accommodation and vehicles.

We can operate openly to act as a high-profile deterrent or more discreetly if preferred – the choice is entirely down to you.

We are sure safeguarding your guests and staff is paramount, whilst protecting your business interests.

Our detection dog and handlers teams are often the first point of contact with the general public and we recognise and place emphasis on the merits of courtesy and professionalism when liaising with the public.

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K9 Deployment sniffer dogs and handlers are trained and accredited to ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) standards at a Regional Police Dog Training Centre or trained and accredited by NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users).

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