Corporate Workplaces
Drug Search Dogs

Many Senior Executives and Human Resources departments are becoming increasingly concerned about the potential dangers of illegal drugs in the workplace. We have a solution to help you manage this.

We can operate throughout offices and call centres; conference and exhibition centres; depots, factories and warehouses. Our teams are able to work passively screening individuals on entry without direct contact or proactively searching defined areas including open spaces, buildings and vehicles. The choice is entirely up to you but we can advise on the best way forward if needed. The priority being to avoid disruption to the business, whilst mitigating the potentially damaging business impact.

We are sure you wish to clearly demonstrate due diligence and a duty of care to your customers and employees; avoiding possible corruption and a negative impact on your bottom line. To understand how K9 Deployment can support you in this and provide a safe and secure working environment, please contact us for a free consultation without obligation. References from existing clients can be provided, on request.



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